Friday, July 6, 2012

Ron's Matrilineal Line

Well I've always had my direct Lankshear line which is of course my father and his father etc.
And I'd researched by grandmother's and their mother's etc as far as I could
Then I realised there was another approach the mother's of my mother etc

Ron Lankshear - my Direct Lines - Patrilineal and Matrilineal
So I guess we should all have the same mtDNA - I tested my yDNA but have not paid for mt as yet.
So my Eagle side cousins who have Elizabeth Eagle/Robbins as the mother of their mother should have this same Matrilineal  line.
And I now have it back to several women from Northampton shire - actually around the village of Long Buckby. Best I can do at the moment is a marriage in 1786.
The links are I think sound genealogy research in the sense of the names of children and their siblings etc have agreement. Later it would be nice to find Wills etc supporting the connections but often that is difficult - if not impossible.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ron's Uncle Bert (Herbert Eagle)

Finally managed to put a lot of data and photos together 

1889 Herbert (Bert) Christopher EAGLE birth and marriage etc

and his daughter
Gladys A C M Eagle who married Arthur T H Williams in 1938 in Woolwich Kent 

Bert son of David William EAGLE (1866-1929) who married Elizabeth Robbins.  in 1885

and out of the photos and other things I found came the surprise that in 1920s he visited Australia

Mary Eagle born c1825 was daughter of William Eagle the artist

Well I thought 1841 census Mary was the sister of John and William living with them in Glasgow. Now establised as a daughter of Wm. I am in touch with her descendants Rosalie and Avis and her husband John see
Mary EAGLE c1825 to 1915 daughter to William Eagle and Elizabeth Sinclair

Mary married then 1850 went to Aussie goldfields and eventually went to New Zealand and re-married. it could be she was baptised same church as Ron's ancestor John but records not as yet found......