Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maps of Thomas Sylvester Lankshear and family

Houses that Thomas Sylvester Lankshear lived in and Caroline when she moved in with Clement Caswell. Also TSL and Caroline's daughter Flora from 1891 and her marriage to George Norcutt in 1909. More to add - Patty for example

Do click to open the View Flora Norcutt (Lankshear) in a larger map and you should see the "blue" markers for the places. Index on left side of map

View Flora Norcutt (Lankshear) in a larger map

Flora Lankshear in 1901 - she married George Norcutt in 1909

At time of 1901 census Flora Lankshear was a servant with the Welham family at 365 Brixton Rd Lambeth in 1901. The house immediately in front in this view is actually number 363 and 365 is hidden by a bus and trees. Across the corner of Gresham Rd the police station at number 367 is still there so the house numbers have not changed since 1901.

Please ignore the numbers that google maps header says. Zoom into the house and you will see it is 363. The one on right behind blue lamp - use arrow on map to page right to see what can be seen of 365. Anyone visiting Brixton with a camera?

I checked and the Police station is still 367 and 1950 picture of it here Brixton Police station, Brixton Road, Brixton SW9. Historical Brixton - old 1950 and new 2003 photos which must be how Flora saw it and also a tram as a bonus.

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